15th June 2020

COVID-19 Inspection procedures

Quest Property Consultants has updated its procedures and protocol for inspections in line with the RICS and government guidelines.

Client Update

This is an important update to all customers that need essential surveys during these unprecedented conditions. Please read the following advice carefully and consider the risks to you and to our surveyors for our mutual safety.

We would also like to draw your attention to governmental guidance with regards to vulnerable categories, for your health and safety.

Please do let us know if you are in at-risk category or if you have concerns about your health and safety.

Our responsibility – Inspecting your home

We ensure the surveyors attending the inspection are in good health and have not presented any signs or had any previous symptoms of COVID-19. Our surveyors will keep the duration of the inspection to a minimum, will have minimal contact with all surfaces and your property will be respected at all times. To ensure a safe inspection our surveyors are required to:

  • Avoid public transport where possible
  • Wear gloves, masks and shoe protectors
  • Carry disinfectant gels
  • Follow the 2 metres distancing rules
  • Disinfect all equipment to be used during the inspection

Your responsibility – Ensuring your health and safety

Where possible, we would prefer your home is vacated upon arrival of our surveyor. This includes pets. In cases where this is not possible, please may you all congregate in one room or your garden/terrace. To allow minimal contact with surfaces please may we request the following;

  • Please ensure all doors are open
  • If there is a loft ensure the hatch is open and the loft ladder is setup
  • Please advise our surveyors where boilers, electrics, stopcocks, water and gas meters are located and ensure cupboards are open
  • If you are aware of any previous or ongoing issues regarding your property, please let our surveyors know prior or during to the inspection.

Achilleas Pilides